The Fair Use Guidelines for Electronic Journals

Users of the electronic journals are requested to follow the rules of contract specified below.
If you violate any of the rules or regulations, the Tohoku University will be deprived of their rights to access to the electronic journals by the publishers.

The Point

Do not download excessively
- whether manually or automatically
- in a short time
- from a whole issue
- "download" includes "to read the articles"
* How to change the settings of pre-read browser functions -> PDF
□ For personal use only or research only.
□ Do not violate copyright.
□ Follow the terms and conditions of use of each journal.

The Rules of Contract

1. The members of Tohoku University from the Tohoku University IP addresses only are authorized to have access to the electronic journals.
2. We may download, printout and store data from the electronic journals only for our personal use.
3. We must prevent a massive download of articles from a whole issue whether manually or automatically.
4. We must prevent a transfer to third parties and alternation of the data downloaded from the electronic journals.
5. Use of automating software to carry out massive download of articles may be regarded violation of the contract refgardress of the intention of the user.


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