News [ Fiscal Year 2024 ]


Extended Loan Period during the Summer Vacation[Jul.23-Sep.24]


Extended Loan Period during the Summer Vacation.

723 (Tue.) ~ 924 (Tue.)

Borrowing or renewing during above, the loan period will be extend to

109 (Wed.)

*It will be applied around 9am on July 23.

*If you wish to extend your return due date beyond October 10, please apply for an extension after September 26.

*Please return books by October 9 or your TohokuDai ID expiry date, whichever comes earlier.

In the following cases, they cannot be extended.

 ・Journals, Magazines

 ・Other library’s books

 ・Non-university members


Construction of motion sensor installation in the group study area.[Jul.3-Jul.5]


Due to installation of motion sensors in the group study area, there will be a restricted area for workers to enter and use.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Wednesday, Jul.3, 2024 - Friday, Jul.5, 2024

Construction Area

Group study area on the 1st floor of the Old Building


【Trial in fiscal year 2024】Notice of application for using Engineering Library when it is closed[Apr.1,2024-Mar.31,2025]


Students, faculty and staff who don not affiliated with the Aobayama East Campus departments may also use the Engineering Library during closing hours (weekdays 7-9 am and 8-12 pm, weekends 7 am-12 am).

If you want to use the library when it is closed, please apply in advance via this form.

*Applications will be accepted from 9am on Monday, April 1.

*The validity period of the usage permit is the fiscal year of application.

*If you applied in fiscal year 2023, please submit this new application for continuing use.

  • Please follow the rules for using the Engineering Library.
  • In principle, books, journals, and other materials may be browsed inside the library, but materials that can be checked out using the automated checkout machines may be taken outside the library.
  • Please turn off the power after using the computers provided.
  • If you open a window, please lock it when you leave the library.
  • Eating and drinking are permitted only in authorized areas.

If the above conditions are not adhered to or if there are actions that are deemed socially unacceptable or disruptive to other users in public settings, the use of Engineering Library may be suspended or prohibited for a certain period of time.

*Members affiliated with the Aobayama East Campus departments do not need to apply.You can use the library already from 7:00 to 24:00 on weekdays, weekends and holidays.

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