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Kita-Aobayama Library
Subjects covered : Science and Pharmaceutical sciences.

6-3 aza-Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ku,
Sendai, Miyagi, 980-8578 JAPAN

Information on Renovation Work
Quick guide to Kita-Aobayaba Library(Please login to your Tohoku University email account.)
NOTICE past news[Apr.2001-]
9/13 To the students graduating or finishing the course in September 2022

7/19 Changes of due date during the summer vacation[7/27-]

Jun.1  [End]E-Book Request Campaign for Science and Pharmaceutical Sciences.(June 1-June 30)
→Titles purchased will be posted here later.

May26 Use of materials located at Kita-Aobayama Library(From June 1-)

Apr.25  The most frequently asked questions are posted on the "Notice of Renovation Work at Kita-Aobayama Library" site.

Apr.8  For Temporary Library Visitors
Please read the QR code at the entrance and register before entering.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Apr.1  To new students and faculty members
The Kita-Aobayama Library is currently closed for renovation.
The library is scheduled to reopen at the end of August 2023.
During the renovation period, some services will be provided at the temporary library.
Please refer to "[Important Notice] Kita-Aobayama Library will be closed due to renovation work" for information on how to use the temporary library and available materials, and "Quick Guide to Kita-Aobayama Library" for how to find materials.

Library services have been changed because of COVID-19.
Please check Twitteror this page(almost Japanese) .
-->MyLibrary quick guide (PDF, Japanese)
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LIBRARY GUIDE【Subject to change due to renovation work】

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