Services to the Public

Visitors from outside the university can also use the main library by completing the prescribed procedures.

Procedures for Use

Please notify the reception counter if you wish to use the main library solely on the day of visit. You can use the library by registering the necessary information (Name, address etc.).

User Registration

The main library loans out materials for purposes such as investigations, research and self study.

Those who wish to borrow materials need to complete the user registration procedures beforehand. User registration procedures take around a week to process. Those who wish to register must bring some form of identification and address  (such as a driver's license or insurance card.) with them to the main counter. You will be issued with a "Library User's Card" (Period of validity: Renewable annually). Applications can be made on weekdays until 16:50.

Please contact the library general affairs section if you are from newspapers or media organizations (Tel: 022-795-5911).

Library Opening Hours / Service Hours

  Monday - Friday Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
Main Counter 8:00-22:00 10:00-22:00
  Taking Out Stack Books 8:00-21:30 10:00-21:30
Copy Services ( Reader Printers, etc. dealt with at the counter ) 8:30-16:30 -
Reference Desk 8:30-17:00 -
Building 2 Counter 8:45-17:00 -
  Taking Out Classical Materials 9:00-16:30 -

Closing Day

Year-end and New Year and Days deemed necessary by the library director.
Please refer to the calendar for more details.


  • Materials can be browsed inside the library.
  • People other than library staff are not allowed in the stack room. Please inform a member of staff at the main counter of the materials you wish to take out.
  • A separate application form needs to be filled in if you wish to browse or take photographs, publish or broadcast rare books, so please refer to "Regarding the Use of Rare Books."

Online Catalogue

The library's holdings can be searched in the online catalog.
For more information, please refer to "The Basic Guide of Tohoku University Library."


Those who have been issued with a "User Card" can borrow books under the following conditions.

Borrowing volumes Up to 2 volumes
Borrowing Period 3 weeks
Lending Materials Student reading room, Global learning room and books in the Stack room
Non-Lending Materials * The Kano Collection, classical literary materials, personal collections of books, rare books, reference books
Returns Please return materials that you have borrowed by the return date.
Penalties Penalties such as the suspension of borrowing apply when loaned materials are overdue.

Copy Services

Materials can be copied in part ( within the range of copyright laws ) solely for personal use, such as for study and research.

Self Service Photocopiers

These are located in Building No.1&2. There are both coin and prepaid card-type machines. Copy cards can be purchased from a vending machine located next to the photocopiers in main counter or at the Tohoku University Cooperative Store. ( Cards cost ¥1,000 )

Black and white ¥10 per sheet ( both coin and prepaid types )
Color ¥50 per sheet ( coin type )

When using, please fill in the "Application Form of Copy Services" located beside the photocopiers.

  • Due to issues of conservation, the copying of books with a Japanese binding is prohibited. If these materials have been copied to microfilm, then you can make a print from microfilm.
  • There are also some materials other than books with a Japanese binding that cannot be copied due to deterioration.


Reference desk

Requests for investigations into materials held by the library and their whereabouts or regarding documents are made at the reference desk. ( Weekdays:8:30~17:00 )

Services such as the requesting of books from other universities and the request for the copying of documents are not offered to people from outside the university. Please consult with the library of the institution to which you belong or your local public library.


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