Borrowing & Returns

Please make sure to complete the loan procedures if taking materials outside of the entrance / exit gate.

  • For books in the student reading room, please conduct loan procedures using the automatic checking out machine.
  • For other materials, please show the materials that you wish to borrow and your library user's card to the member of staff at the counter. ( Please record materials that cannot be loaned by computer on the "Loans Card" ).
  • It is also necessary to complete loan procedures when taking materials to the free reading room.

Please confirm the return date on the accompanying card that comes when completing the procedures or on MyLibrary. Please do not lend materials to other people. This can cause trouble.

* Loans and returns for external users

The conditions are different to the below, so please refer to "Services to the Public".

The below is for university members.

Number of Borrowing / Period of Borrowing

Classification Student Reading Room Books Stack Books Special Collection* Periodicals
Teaching Staff A* 10 volumes 3 weeks 100 volumes 6 weeks 20 volumes 6 weeks 10 volumes 1 weeks
Teaching Staff B* 10 volumes 3 weeks 50 volumes 6 weeks 5 volumes 6 weeks 5 volumes 1 weeks
Staff 10 volumes 3 weeks 25 volumes 6 weeks 5 volumes 6 weeks 5 volumes 1 weeks
Graduate Students 10 volumes 3 weeks 50 volumes 6 weeks 5 volumes 6 weeks 5 volumes 1 weeks
Students 10 volumes 3 weeks 25 volumes 6 weeks 2 volumes 6 weeks 5 volumes 1 weeks
* Teaching staff A: Professors, associate professors, full-time lecturers, assistant professors, and assistants
* Teaching staff B: Adjunct and part-time lecturers, emeritus professors, researchers and trainees
* Specialist books refers to personal books and large collections. Loans of materials relating to economic statistics and international institutions are limited to 1 week.
* The loan period of materials from the student reading room is extended during the spring, summer and winter vacations. Details of this are announced on the notice board.

Materials that cannot be loaned

  1. Books that have a green "Reference Book" sticker or a red "Reference Only" sticker on the back.
  2. Unbound journals
  3. Newspapers
  4. Rare books
  5. Audiovisual materials

The Suspension of Loaning Due to Materials

New loans cannot be made in cases where current loans are overdue or loaning has been suspended due to late returns.

Loan Extensions

Applications for loan extensions can be made in line with the below material and user classifications.

Applications for loan extensions can be made on the MyLibrary "Loans and Reservations Status" screen by clicking on the "Extension" button. Also, loan extensions can be made via mobile phone ( ).

The date of return following the granting of extension is extended a number of days from when the extension was made.

However, extensions cannot be granted in the following cases:

  • Materials that are overdue
  • Materials for which the limit of the number of extensions had been met
  • If it falls within a period in which loans have been suspended
  • If the user is no longer a registered member of the university
Materials User classification Number of extensions and renewals
Materials in the student reading room 1
Materials in the Stack Teaching Staff A 5
Teaching Staff B 5
Graduate Students 5
Students 2
Special materials 1
Periodicals ( Annex ) 1


When returning materials, please take them to the counter that issued the loan to you. Your library user's card is not necessary. Please make sure you return materials in person.


Materials that are currently out on loan can be reserved.
Please reserve materials online through MyLibrary or make your request at the relevant counter.

  • Online reservations ( MyLibrary )
    Log in to MyLibrary
    → Search the library's holdings
    → Click on "Reserve" on the holdings display
  • Counter
    Please make your request at a library counter.

Overdue Loans

Penalties will be applied and loans will be suspended against users with overdue loans that exceed fixed periods of time.

Students & Non-members Overdue by eight days or more will be suspended for seven days.
Instructors & Emeritus Professors Overdue by eight days or more from the Student Reading Room will be suspended for seven days.

* Penalties applied by the main library do not have any bearing at brunch libraries.

Queries Regarding the Brrowing Materials

Please refer to "View the list of loan and reservation" on MyLibrary.

This can also be accessed via mobile phone. ( )

Regarding the Loss or Damage of Materials through Misuse

Please report to the counter if you lose or damage any materials while on loan ( excluding materials that have been used in the correct manner ).

In these cases, compensation must be made for all materials. Please enquire with a member of the counter staff for more details.

Writing on materials is classified as damage through misuse. Please refrain from writing on materials.

Contact : Main Counter

e-mail :
main-counter(at) (Substitute an @ symbol for (at).)
Update: 26 September, 2019