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How To Use


Mon.-Fri.Sat., Sun. and holidays  
Lecture term9:00-20:00closed
Saturdays / Sundays / National Holidays
Year-end / New Year
For other exceptions, please check out notice board.
Night and closed days
Members of Graduate School of Agricultural Science and Faculty of Agriculture can enter the library during night and closed days (7:00-24:00).


  • Swipe your card through the scanner to open the door.
  • If you do not have your ID card, use the intercom to contact the library staff.

User Card

To use the library, you need one of the following. If you do not have either of them, please contact the library staff.

UsersCardIssuing Section
StaffID cardGeneral affairs section
StudentsStudent cardInstruction section
Others(*1)Library user cardAgricultural Library(*2)
Emeritus professorsEmeritus professor cardGeneral affair section of the department to which they last belonged

(*1)Researchers, research students, auditors and so on.

(*2)If you are not a member of Graduate School of Agricultural Science or Faculty of Agriculture, the issueing section is different. Please ask the library staff.

How To Use Materials

To check out materials, bring them to the service desk with your ID card. You can also use a self-checkout machine.
*Some of the library's books are non-circulating and cannot be checked out.
[Number limit & Loan period]Reading room / LoungeShared stack room
Faculty members, Graduate students10 items2 weeks5 books2 weeks
Under graduate students, others5 items2 weeks5 books2 weeks
  • You can renew books you borrowed before the due date only once.
  • To renew a book, log in to MyLibrary and click "Check Status of Loan/Reservation".
  • You cannot renew a book when it has been reserved by someone else, or when you have a book that is overdue.
  • Bring books to the servce desk.
  • When the library is closed, please put books into the bookdrop near the entrance.
  • You can return books of any in-campus libraries.
    *There are some exceptions.
  • If the book you wish to borrow is currently being borrowed by another person, you can make a reservation.
  • The books of any in-campus libraries can be delivered to another in-campus library.
  • To make a reservation or use the delivery service, log in to MyLibrary, search the book you want in the online catalog (OPAC) and click "Reserve."
    *You can borrow up to 5 books delivered from other libraries.
    *Some of the books are not eligible for the delivery service.
  • There are two copying machines next to the service desk. One is for private expense and coin-operated and the other is for laboratory's expense and card-operated.
  • Registration is required to use a copying machine at public expense. Please ask the library staff.
  • When making photocopies of the library's materials, please fill out the application form and bring it with photocopies to the service desk.

Interlibrary Loan and Phootocopy

You can order photocopies or borrow books from other in-campus libraries or other university libraries for materials not held by Agricultural Library.

To meke a request, log in to MyLibrary and click "InterLibraryLoan/Photocopy Request."
IntramuralOther university
PhotocopyBlack & white: ¥20 per page
Color: ¥40 per page
Black & white: ¥35-70 per page
Color: ¥80-150 per page
BorrowingFree (delivery service)Postage
Laboratory ExpenseFees will be deducted from the laboratory's budget.
Get a prior permission from the person in charge of the laboratory.
Private ExpenseThe applicant is responsible for the cost.
Payment must be made in cash at the service desk when you pick up your material.
Required Time
It usually takes a week for materials to arrive. If you request rare or overseas articles, it may take several weeks.

Online Services

The library provides variety of online services.

Online Catalog (OPAC)
You can search Tohoku University Library's holdings online.
Institutional Repository (TOUR)
Tohoku University's academic research and educational achievements are collected and made available to the public. Theses and dissertations can also be searched. To browse the actual materials, please ask at the service desk.
MyLibrary *Tohoku University's ID and password are required.
The web system "MyLibrary" allows you to make a reservation, to make a request for the delivery service, to check status of loan and reservation, to renew, to make a request for interlibrary loan and photocopying service, to make a purchase request and so on.
Electric Resources *Available to university members.
Databases, e-journals and e-books are available.

Reference Service

If you have any problems accessing library materials and information, please ask at the service desk.

Wi-Fi Service

Campus Wi-Fi (eduroam) is available in the library. Please see below for more information.

For Students
Campus Wi-Fi Service (eduroam)
For Faculty Member
Tohoku University Academic/All-round/Advanced Information Network System

Shared Stack Room (for the library staff only)

In-campus libraries share this stack room.

This area is for the library staff only.

The materials will be brought by the library staff when requested.

Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00
Please make a request at the service desk to borrow materials in the stack room.
Number of Materials That May Be Borrowed and Loan Period
Faculty members, Graduate students5 items2 weeks
Undergraduate students, others5 items2 weeks


  • Guidance on general library use and the use of specific databases is provided for individuals, groups, seminars, etc.
  • Applications for guidance can be made at any time.
  • Please fill out the application form(PDF / Word) and bring it to the service desk or send it by email.
  • Email: alib-counter[at]


  • Beverages in sealable containers such as plastic bottles may be brought into the library.
  • Meals, snacks and beverages that cannot be sealed are not allowed in the library.
  • Please refrain from talking on the phone or online except in designated areas.
  • Smoking is prohibited on Aobayama campus including all facilities and outdoors.
  • If you wish to take photos in the library, please ask at the service desk.

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For Members of Graduate School of Agricultural Science

Inspection and Acceptance of Books

  • When books are purchased, they must be inspected at Agricultural Library.
  • Please come to the office of Agricultural Library with books and their delivery notes.
  • Please have your books inspected as soon as they are delivered because the library pays on a monthly basis.
  • The treatment and payment procedures for books depend on whether books are considered to be assets or consumable supplies.
  • When registering a book as an asset, we will keep the book for a while. We will contact you when the registration is completed, so please come and pick it up.
    *If a book is purchased with Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI), Book Donation Request and Acceptance Resolution (図書寄付伺及受入決議書) is required.
  • If you wish to use them as consumable supplies, they do not need to be registered.
  • The guidelines for determining whether a book is an asset are as follows.
    • books to be stored and used over a long period of time (at least one year)
    • books of high importance in research and education in the field of agricultural sciences
  • Books registered as assets cannot be disposed of without permission.
  • Books registered as assets will be displayed in Tohoku University's online catalog (OPAC) and may be requested to be browsed or borrowed.
  • Assets
    • The library staff will process the payment. Please bring delivery notes (and invoices if you have any) to the library.
    • To confirm your intention to use the laboratory's budget, please fill out and seal Purchased Report (購入済報告書(教員発注)).
      *In the case of using the Purchasing Data Linkage System (購買データ連携システム), your seal is not required.
  • Consumable Supplies
    • Please submit the required documents such as delivery notes and invoices to Supplier Section.

Mail Delivery of the Library's Books to the Remote Campuses

  • Faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students (including research students) who belong to remote campuses such as Kawatabi and Onagawa can borrow books by mail for free.
  • Please note that the books must be returned to the Main Library on Kawauchi Campus.
  • Please check the library's website for details

Returning Laboratory Books

  • Laboratory books that are registered as Tohoku University's assets cannot be disposed of without permission.
  • If you wish to dispose of the books because they are no longer needed in your laboratory or because of storage space limitations, please be sure to return them to Agricultural Library.
  • Books that correspond to any of the following are registered as assets.
    *Please be sure to open the inside of the book and check within a few pages inside the front and back covers.
    • The book is stamped with Tohoku University's library seal or acceptance seal.
    • A registration number (such as Axx-xxxx) is printed on the book.
    • A pink sticker with numbers or barcodes and the characters "東北大学図書" is attached on the book.
  • If you cannot determine whether the book is an asset or not, please bring it to Agricultural Library.
  • If a large number of books are to be returned, please contact us in advance.
    Inner line: (96)4024 / Email: alib[at]


Any further announcements will be posted on this website.

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For the General Public

Using the Library
  • You can browse and photocopy materials of Agricultural Library for research and study purposes.
  • The library is available from 9:00-20:00 on weekdays. *When there are no classes, the library will be closed at 17:00.
  • You will be asked to fill in a reception form when you enter the library. Please bring identification with you.
  • If you would like a photocopy, please fill in the application form and bring it to the counter.
  • Two books can be checked out for 2 weeks. (To check out materials, bring them to the service desk with your ID card.)
  • Please refrain from entering the library to use the seating area for self-study, resting, etc., without a purpose of using the library's books. Please note that the library is very busy during the exam periods and use of the library may be restricted.
  • We do not provide free Wi-Fi but campus Wi-Fi (eduroam) is available.
  • Do not connect your computer to the internet cable in the library. Your computer will not be authorised.

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