Tohoku University Agricultural Library


User guide

How to use

Library hours

Mon.-Fri.Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays  
Lecture term9:00-20:00closed
Others (vacation)9:00-17:00Closed
Saturdays / Sundays / National Holidays
Year-end / New Year
For ohter exceptions please check out notice board.
Night and closed days
Members of Graduate School of Agricultural Science and Faculty of Agriculture can enter the library during night and closed days (7:00-24:00)


  • Swipe your card through the scanner to open the door.
  • If you don't have your ID card, use the interphone to contact the staff.
  • An electronic security device has been set. If you have a pacemaker, plsease contact the staff using interphone.

User card

To use the library, you need to one of the ID cards shown below. If you don't have one, contact the service desk.

UsersCardIssuing Section
StaffID cardGeneral affirs section
StudentsStudent cardInstruction section
Others(*1)Library User CardAgricultural Library(*2)
General publicLibrary User CardAgricultural Library

(*1)Researchers, Research Students, Auditors, and so on.

(*2)If you are not a member of Graduate School of Agricultural Science or Faculty of Agriculture, please inquire service desk.

How to use materials

Library circulation
To check out materials, bring them to the Service Desk with your ID card. You can also use Self-checkout machine.
Numbers of materials that may be borrowed & loan period
Faculty members, Graduate students10items2weeks
Undergraduate students, others5items2weeks
When you return the materials that you borrowed from the Agricultural Library and other on campus libraries, bring them to the Service Desk or put them into the book drop located near the entrance when the library is closed.
  • Before the due date, you can renew them by "Check Status of Loan/Reservation" on "MyLibrary". Some requested materials may be unavailable.

Inter library loan

If you can’t find what you are seeking in the Agricultural Library, you can request the photocopy of articles or Inter-Library Loan service. You can request them by "MyLibrary" (Use "Online Catalog" or "Applies for the photocopy / loan")

IntramuralOther university
PhotocopyBlack & white / ¥20, Color / ¥40Black & white / ¥35-70 +Postage
Inter library loanFree (On-Campus delivery service)Postage
Laboratory Expense (need approval in advance) or Cash (Private expense).
Time requirement
All articles require about 1 week on average. If you request rare or overseas articles, note it takes several weeks to receive.

Online services

Library website provides variety of web services.

Online Catalog (OPAC)
Materials that Tohoku University library houses can be searched by online catalog.
Institutional repository (TOUR)
You can search for doctoral dissertations of graduate students of Agricultural Department in institutional repository yourself. If you like to read actual doctoral dissertation (thesis), please ask the service desk.
MyLibrary(Only for university members)
Reservation, Check status of loan / Reservation (Renew), Inter library loan / Photocopy request, Purchase request, Facility reservations and so on.
Electric resources (Only for university members)
Databases, E-journals and E-Books can be available.

Reference service

The library staffs are always ready to advise and assist you in accessing library materials and information. Please ask the staffs if you have any questions.

Wi-Fi service

Campus Wi-Fi (eduroam) is available inside the library.

Shared stack room

Books from other on campus libraries and this library are here.

Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00
Number of materials that may be borrowed & Loan period
Faculty members, Graduate students5items2weeks
Undergraduate students, others5items2weeks

Learning commons

  • Learning commons is an area for active learning. You are free to hold events such as seminars, class works, group activities, workshops and lecture meetings.
  • You can borrow equipments listed below. When you want to borrow, please fill out an application form.
ProjectorScreenLaptop PC
Laser pointerMicrophone/SpeakerDisplay panel
Desk for presentationLecternTable for reception
Standing sighboardetc.


We offer services such as a general guidance of using the library or specific guidance for using databases etc, for a person, groups or classes on demand. Contact the staff for further information and consultation.

For the General Public

  • General public can use the Agricultural Library for research purposes.
  • General public cannot borrow materials.
  • For photocopying, fill in the photocopy application form and submit it to the Service Desk.
  • Please take consideration of students during examination period.


  • Only bottled drinks and canteens are allowed.
  • No eating or drinking except in a specified area.
  • No talking on the cell phones.
  • No smoking on premises.
  • Get permission from the Service Desk for taking photos.

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Floor map

1st floor overall view

Agricultural Library
Health care center

1st floor library area

Service desk
PC area
Stack room
Materials from on-campus libraries are stored.
Learning commons
Area for active learning.

2nd floor library area

Strudy seats(LF)
Reading room

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