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Floor guide

  □ Attention for entrance

  □ Floor guide

  □ Floor map

  □ How to find library materials

  □ Information terminal

  □ Group study meeting room

  □ Reference Service etc.

  □ Notice

Attention for entrance

     The library is equipped with an authentication system.
    When you enter or go out of the library, you use your Library card
     Notice the following points.

    ・  Authentication records will be referred in statistics or when something is happened in the library. Be sure to enter one by one.

    ・  When it shows "read error", please try several times again. Still, if not opened, please tell us with the intercom.

    ・  If there would have been something illegal (ex. lending someone his library card), we consider applying a penalty.

  □  How to enter using your card

     Please insert your library card into the card reader turning a magnetic side to your left, and pull down it to the end.

Card reader


Floor guide

  Open shelves Compact shelves Other


Foreign journals.

Old foreign journals.

(Maps etc.)


Japanese and foreign journals.
Newly arrived journals.

Old book and old japanese journals.
Annual report of universities and research laboratories.



Reference materials.
News papers (at the entrance hall).


    ・  Books at the open shelves are arranged according to their call numbers.

    ・  Journals published during this year (Jan.-Dec.) are at the new journal corner on the 2F.
    Back Issues at the open shelves are in alphabetical order of their titles.

    ・  Old materials at the compact shelves are in their own order.

    ・  Thesis are in closed stack. Please ask to the counter from 9:00 - 17:00.

  □  How to find materials displayed in OPAC

    Click here

    ・  Some Materials and Thesis cannot be searched by online catalog. If you have any queations, ask the counter.

  □  News paper

    You can read news papers at its corner in the entrance hall.
    There are 8 news papers, Asahi, Mainichi, Yomiuri, Kahoku, Nikkei, Nikkan Sports, Kagaku and The Japan Times.
    The past ones are kept for about 3 months. When your would like to read them, please ask at the counter.


Floor map

Floor map 1F
Floor map 2F
Floor map 3F


How to find library materials

  □ [Books] Books displayed in following "Location"

     Books which "Location" is displayed "KITALIB-1F-Books" are on the 1F shelves in alphabetical order of "Call No.".

     Books which "Location" is displayed "KITALIB-ex-(Subject)" are on the 2F compactshelves which devided in the block of each subject. And in which they are in alphabetical order of "Call No.".

  □ [Preiodicals] Periodicals displayed in following "Location"

     Periodicals which "Location" is displayed "KITALIB-2/3F-Stacks" "KITALIB-2F-ForeginSerials" etc. are able to find by the shelf-number in "Comment".

     Materials which "Location" is displayed "SCI-Mahtematics" are at the Mathematical Library on the 3F in the Mathematical Institute.

     Notice "Holding Vol.".

  □ The other locations

     Annual reports or research reports are considered periodicals, and many of them don't have shelf numbers. They are located on the 2F compactshelves which devided own block.

     The other "Location" is as follows. Please confirm on the floor map.

KITALIB-1F-Ref Reference corner on the 1F
KITALIB-2F-Indice Index material on the 2F
KITALIB-Maps Special room on the 3F


Information terminal (Members of the Tohoku University only)

  □  Information retrieval space

     Online catalog only. (x3 ; 1-3F)

     For information research via WWW. (x8 ; 1F)

    ・  Tohoku-Dai ID and password are necessary in access to the contents outside of the university.

    ・  Microsoft Office is available for writing reports or making presentation slides.

    ・  Printing service is available by xerox photocopy machine in this corner.(fee)

  □  Attention

     Internet terminals are equipped for research information. You are supposed not to use private e-mail service and so on.

     User who cannot use the chemical information databese "SciFinder" may use this corner.
     About user registration, please check this page (campus limited).


Group study meeting room (Members of the Tohoku University only)

  There is a meeting room for group work, a seminar, research activities, etc.

   Room capacity     2-15 sheets
   User     The group includes a faculty or a student who belongs to Kita-Aobayama campus.
   Hours     9:00am - 7:45pm (During vacations ; 9:00am - 4:45pm)
   Application     You can reserve via "MyLibrary" [Facility Reservations] menu.
   Equipment     white board / projector / laser pointer / projection screen (Please bring your partable computer by yourself.)


Reference Service etc.

    ・ It is possible to provide assistance for your carrying researches.

    ・ User may request of the Library to make purchase of materilas. Please fill out application form near the counter.



    Eating is not permitted in the reading room. Set your mobile phone to the silent mode in the reading room.
    Both having foods and making a phone call are available in the entrance hall.
    Drinks in the reclosable bottle as PET bottle or water bottle are allowed in the reading room except at computer area.


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