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Photocopying of the materials in the library

  □ Self-Copying

  □ Copying by Staff

  □ Copyright related information



     To reproduce the materials by yourself, you can choose 2 following ways.
    ・  By cash.
    ・  By the IC card for expense of the laboratory. (IC cards for copying are distributed to each laboratories.)
      -> Ask a staff responsible in the laboratory about it. The total expense is taken regularly.

payment copy fee place / unit
A copy machine for private expense IC card B/W 9yen/1p, Color 36yen/1p 2nd floor / 1
A copy machine for expense of the lab. cash B/W 10yen/1p, Color 50yen/1p 1st floor / 1

     When you you use self-copying machine, please write a application form provided arround machines for copyright clearance. We collect them and keep them in charge for long term.


Copying by staff

    Copying by a staff. Private expense and the expense of the lab are available.
    *Private expense: Only when you need a receipt.
    Please apply the counter with materials.
    Service time : Weekday 9:00-12:00,13:00-15:50

Fee Member Visitors
    B/W     20yen/1p 35yen/1p
    Color     40yen/1p 70yen/1p


Copyright related information

     Every works have a copyright, and photocopying is limited by the copyright law. An author has a right that his works don't have reproduced without notice.A medium of the reproduction doesn't matter. By hand or machine or changing to digital medium, all of them are considered reproduction.
     But the exceptional case is recognized. For example, reproduction for private use or fun (= not commercial purpose, not research purpose). Reproduction in library is also exceptionally recognized under the following limitation. (Copyright low, the 31st article)

    ・  Reproduction is for investigation or research.
    ・  The work has been made public.
    ・  Only a part of (not all of) a work may be recognized to reproduce. (*1)
    ・  Works published on periodicals may be reproduced whole part, if it's passed a certain period. (*2)
    ・  One may reproduces only one copy, who doesn't reproduce again from it or doesn't distribute it.

     *1:"A part of a work" is thought as "less than half of its total pages".
     *2:"A certain period" is thought as "until the next Volume or Number is published", and in case of annuals or so, "until 3 months has passed".


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