Remote Access to E-Resources (for university students and faculty members)

To support online classes, studying, preparing teaching materials, and telecommuting work, we have summarized the information on electronic resourses (e-books, e-journals, databases) available online at home.
We hope that you will find them useful. (Information will be added and updated at any time.)
In addition, some services are more expanded than usual (limited time only).

How to Access

To use the e-resourses subscribed by Tohoku University from off-campus, use "Gakunin" or "VPN (connection)".
Please refer to the following links about the usage and materials available.

Materials available via GakuNin
Materials available for VPN (connection)

*Please give priority to using "GakuNin" to reduce the load on the server.
*Currently,VPN service for students is provided to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but we ask you to please use only e-journals that cannot be used via GakuNin.

Notes on using e-resources

Some of them have a limit on the number of concurrent logins. Please be sure to log out when finished using.
Please use them strictly according to the contract terms.
If you use them illegally, such as excessive downloading, Tohoku University will be notified of the suspension of use by the publisher.
Be sure not to use them in this way.
*About the proper use of electronic journals

Publisher’s response to COVID-19

Recently, domestic and overseas database providers and publishers have expanded the services and have offered them free of charge for a limited time.
Information on special pages and free access contents related to COVID-19 is summarized on this page.


An electronic book is a book that has been digitalized so that it can be read on the Web.
At Tohoku University, you can use e-books of various fields, with extensive reading in English, handbooks, encyclopedias, etc.
In what follows, we will pick up and introduce e-book publication platforms that have recorded various fields in the contract packages.

Accessible via GakuNin

EBook Collection (EBSCOhost)

Various e-books in English and Japanese are available.
There are books with extensive reading in English, books for learning Japanese, textbooks in various fields, etc. You can search and view available titles by accessing the site.
One person can use each title at the same time.

ProQuest Ebook Central

This is an e-book publication platform for foreign books provided by ProQuest and is characterized by being collected from many publishers.
You can check the list of available e-books by accessing the site and checking "holdings of university library or under subscription " in "Advanced search".
One person can use each title at the same time.

ScienceDirect (Elsevier)

This is a publication platform for e-journals and books provided by Elsevier.
You can use e-books of various foreign books. When you access the site and check "Subscribed & complimentary" in "Access Type" in the menu on the left side of the screen, available titles are displayed.
The number of simultaneous users is unlimited.

Springer LINK

This is a publication platform for e-journals and e-books provided by Springer.
You can use e-books of foreign books in the STM (Science, Technology and Medicine) field.
If you go to the site, select the fields on the left side menu, and uncheck "Include Preview-Only content", available titles will be displayed.
The number of simultaneous users is unlimited.

Click here for other e-books (partially VPN connection).

How to Find

[Method 1]
Check the material category "E-book" of OPAC advanced search and search (some items are not in search) and click the [ebook] icon on the collection details screen. Click to access.
[Method 2]
Search by keyword or browse by category from the provider’s platform.
* Please note that the availability of download to the device depends on the provider and the title.


You can use over 13,000 electronic journals in Tohoku University. The contract scope varies depending on the title, so please check the available years at the bottom of the e-journal list.

How to Find

[Method 1]
Search in OPAC and follow the link from "E-Journal URL" on the bibliographic details screen.
However, with this method, you cannot search e-journals that do not have booklet contract or open access e-journals, so please search using method 2 if needed.
[Method 2]
In the e-journal list, search by the title, ISSN, etc., or browse the list by the field.

E-Journal package accessible via GakuNin


Approximately 2,500 magazines


Approximately 2,500 magazines

Wiley Online Library

Approximately 1600 magazines

EBSCOhost(Academic Search Premier)

Approximately 4800 magazines (including new magazines that cannot be seen for a certain period of time and magazines that are archives only)

Click here for other packages that can be used by GakuNin

The databases

Web of Science(GakuNin)

There is a link to e-journals contracted at Tohoku University.

Google Scholar(Free)

All fields: Web search engine for searching academic materials.


Largest database in medical and life sciences.


You can search academic papers related to education.
For the OVID version used by GakuNin, you can use links to Tohoku University's library search and contract magazines.

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