Main Library will open with restricted services

Opening hours

9am - 10pm on weekday
1pm - 10pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


*Only Tohoku university members can enter library.
*Please do not enter the library when you are not feeling well.
*Wear a mask in the library. Please use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
*Entering library may be stopped when crowded.

Available services

* The International Student Concierge Sevice
* Private research rooms and group study rooms (personal use only)
*Reference desk / online reference services is also available.
*Desks and seats
*Borrow and return of materials
*You can enter stacks.
*Get photocopies and materials borrowed from other university libraries
*NDL Digital Collection
*Microfilm reader


Tohoku University Library Main Counter main-counter[at] [at] with @)