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Tohoku University Library owns the "Soseki Collection" which comprises Natsume Soseki's book collection and some works in his own hand. The "Natsume Soseki Library" page provides information on the Soseki Collection and Natsume Soseki.

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March 18 2008 Latest journals and articles featuring the collection
May 1 2008 The voice of Natsume Soseki was reproduced at an exhibition held from May 1 to 6 at the Sendai Literature Museum. (Special Exhibition: "Natsume Soseki's Spirit Breathed in a College Town ? Featuring the Soseki Collection in Sendai")
March 12 2008 The Tohoku University Centennial Anniversary Special Exhibition titled, "Natsume Soseki's Spirit Breathed in a College Town ? Featuring the Soseki Collection in Sendai" was held from March 15 to May 18 at the Sendai Literature Museum.
July 20 2007 "The Great Novelist Natsume Soseki: His Life and Works" was held from September 26 to November 18 at the Edo-Tokyo Museum.
April 18 2006 Newly acquired Soseki related books.
June 7 2004 Added images to present the materials.
October 31 2003 The Natsume Soseki Library opened.