Libraries will open with restricted services (Monday, June 22 -)

Tohoku University's BCP for Preventing Spread of COVID-19 Infection became level 1,
so iibraries in Tohoku University will open sequentially from June 22(Mon.). Some services are unavailable.
Restart day, opening hours and available services are different depending on each library, so please see the website or contact each library for details.

*Available services will change depending on the situation.

Libraries which will open

Main Library June 22. 9am-
Medical Library June 22. 9am-
Kita-aobayama Library June 22. 9am-
Engineering Library June 22. 9am-
Agricultural Library June 22. 9am-
Institute for Materials Research Library June 22. 1pm-
Institute of Fluid Science Library June 29. 10am-
Research Institute of Electrical Communication Library  June 26. 9am-
Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials Library  June 29. 10am-
Graduate School / Faculty of Education Library  June 25. 9am-
Graduate School / Faculty of Law Library June 24. 9am-
Graduate School / Faculty of Economics Library July 15. 9:30am-
Department of Mathematics Library July 6. *Reservation required
Department of Physics Library June 22. 10am-
Mathematics Library of Graduate School of Information Sciences June 26. 10am-
Graduate School / Faculty of Dentistry Library June 22. 11am-


*Only Tohoku university members can enter library. Some library started book lending service for non-members.
*Please do not enter the library when you are not feeling well.
*Wear a mask in the library. Please use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
*Some libraries offer study desks from July 13.
*Entering library may be stopped when crowded.

Changes for services

*"Book lending service for research purpose" and "Photocopying service for research purpose" will finish sequentially.
*"Book delivery service for students" will continue for students who live outside the Sendai City.
    Please see here for details.
*Book delivery service in university campus will resume on June 22(Some libraries are unavialable.).


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