International Student Concierge Week Spring 2016

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Main library's International Student Concierge staff will hold the following events from April 18 (Mon.) to 22 (Fri.).

The concierge members from various countries are planning fun events for both Japanese and international students. Let's enjoy intercultural experiences at the library!

Theme: Enjoy Library and take advantage of international student concierge!

- The 4th Global Session
[Date]: Apr. 18 (Mon) 13:15-15:30
[Venue]: Main Lib. Global Learning Room (2nd floor)
1st Part: Start Up Session! Introduction of International Student Concierge
2nd Part: The First Director's Cup: Select together! Recommended books of Tohoku University Library
Concierge staff and other participants introduce their favorite books in English and decide the winner.
3rd Part: Let's Play Games with International Student Concierge!
Play games from overseas with concierge staff.
Participants will get Library's original goods!

- Library Guidance for International Students in multiple languages

This is a library orientation for new International students. Sessions will be held in Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai and English. Other members who want to learn about the library again are also welcome.

[Date]: Apr. 18 (Mon) - 22 (Wed)
[Time]: (1)13:15-14:15, (2)16:00-17:00 *(1) is not conducted on Apr. 18.
[Venue]: Main Lib. Global Learning Room (2nd floor)

* No need for reservation and fees.


International Students Concierge :