Tohoku University Library User Questionnaire Is Being Conducted

Tohoku University Library is conducting User Questionnaire.
We will appreciate your cooperation to improve the Library.

Object persons: students and faculty members of Tohoku University
Survey period: from October 1 (Thu.) to October 31 (Sat.)
How to answer: Please answer the questionnaire from URL sent by email.
*You can answer through MyLibrary.

1. We will give an original clear folder to all persons who answered the questionnaire.
Please print the screen after you complete the questionnaire and show it at the counters below. The prize will be available until November 6th (Fri.) at 5:00 p.m.
- Main Library
- Medical Library
- Kita Aobayama Library
- Engineering Library
- Agricultural Library
- Institute for Materials Research Library

2. You also have a chance to win other commemorative prizes.
We will give you commemorative prizes by drawing if you enter your name and your student (staff) number in the questionnaire.
- 8GB USB Flash Drive (10 persons)
- Drip Coffee (5 servings) (20 persons)

We will contact the winners at their e-mail addresses registered on MyLibrary. Please make sure your e-mail address is registered correctly on MyLibrary.
*How to confirm your e-mail address on MyLibrary
(1) Access Tohoku University Library website (
(2) Click MyLibrary and log in.
(3) Register your e-mail address at "Change E-mail Address" menu.
(If you have already registered your e-mail address, please confirm the address)