Message from the Director of Tohoku University Libraries

Message from the Director of Tohoku University Libraries
--- Welcome to the Place of Wisdom!!! ---

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Welcome to Tohoku University Libraries!!!

On behalf of our libraries, I especially welcome you all who are joining from this spring semester, though I know some of them are still in your home countries, waiting for the university to lift the travel restrictions due to the pandemic infection of new coronavirus.

In these uncertain times, it is knowledge and information that will help you survive and live well. You can find various information through the internet. It is important to select the right information because there are lots of fake news. You should also be critical when you read articles and essays. Even authorities can make a mistake, and we do not know the right answer to the question that we have never asked. You may find a hint within an old book or within a new blog. In any case, you need to use your own brain for questions that you do not know the answer beforehand.

Historically, a place that archives information began in Mesopotamia where the first media was a clay plate inscribed with cuneiform letters. The Library of Alexandria, the largest and most important of the libraries of the classical ancient world, housed papyrus documents. Modern letterpress printing has made it possible for mankind to archive large amounts of information in the form of books. Today, a significant portion of information is available through digital media.

Our library has four million books and 90 thousand journals that can appreciate browsing and borrowing, or you can read articles through our virtual services. We are also proud of two national treasures and other precious collections. However, our library is not just that. It is a place of learning. You can learn by yourself, or you can actively learn with your friends and colleagues. Please ask our concierge how to support your learning activities in the library.

And one more thing. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) for checking new information regarding our libraries!

Director of Tohoku University Libraries
Noriko Osumi, PhD
Noriko Osumi