Valuable (rare) materials related to Medicine                      
  Some Japanese-style books in the valuable materials room are computerized, including anatomical charts, etc.
  @@@ Kaitai Shinsho (Tafel Anatomia) (five volumes)

@@@ Kaitai Hatsumou (five volumes)

@@@ Sousin Zueki@transcription (one volume)

@@@ Kaishihen transcription @ (two volumes)

@@@ Ineki hatsubi Volume one (one volume)
@@@ Godaika Iron (one volume)

@@@ The Sendai Domain Medical School Library Catalog (one volume)

@@@ Shinsen Yamaino Soushi transcription (one volume)

@@@ Letters of Otsuki Gentaku (one volume)

@@@ The memorial-service monument for anatomy by Kimura Zyutei (rubbed copy)
|The memorial-service monument for anatomy|
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